San Ignacio, Home.

Over the past 8 months  we have slept in 29 different beds throughout 5 different countries and all across the U.S.  For us as a family in this time home has been defined as “wherever we are all together.”  What a sweet and novel thing it is that we can now call this place we’ve landed home and that home can finally once again be a place, a haven, a dwelling, something familiar and constant.  I can see in my kids faces what making it to this point has done for them.  I feel it in my chest as I breathe what it means to me.  The journey was absolutely amazing as we got to spend so much invaluable time with our family and connect with friends. They were moments that we absolutely cherish!!  But we are FINALLY out of suitcases and boxes as this past week we moved into our permanent home.  We finished up all the loose ends back in Guatemala and made the last trip to move our things here to Belize, we are all in!

San Ignacio, Belize… we are HOME!

Back in May we stepped off the plane to crazy humid temperatures around 109 degrees daily (to which Ethan would tell us over and over that he was melting) and started a journey to learn about surviving without climate control.  Thankfully we seem to be winning and are doing much better these days!!

Once we were settled in here in San Ignacio we started getting to know a few of the people who had been left attending the church.  After only hearing stories or ideas of the church here we have loved getting to know faces, meeting the actual people, and building community.  We knew coming in that God had really been speaking to our hearts about focusing on intimacy and relationship as we first begin.  The first two months we have had church at our house, seeking God together, getting to know each other, and joining together in prayer.  This beginning is precious and intimate and we feel like God is telling us to just bathe in it, in His presence, to not rush past this time because He is building a strong foundation and He is present.

Tuesday night church at our house.

We have an amazing church building where we know God has great plans for His congregation.  We’ve been cleaning things out, weeding through what is there, and figuring out what things we will need like speakers, a soundboard, microphones and things like that.  We’ve been crying out to God and dreaming about the ways we will be able to use the building to help kids know their Creator, for young people to be discipled, and for long-time believers to find that there is even deeper places they can go with our God (…and to one day have air conditioning!!)  Here at the very beginning is an exciting place to stand, knowing all that God has done to get us here, and knowing that it is just a taste of how faithful and great He will prove Himself to be in the months and years to come.

Oh, and in case you were wondering… yes our house does have room for visitors!!! So we are waiting on you all to follow through with your promises to come visit!

We are covered, sustained, carried, and accompanied by so very many in this journey.  We are grateful to say the least.  Be blessed and thank you.

~Gerson and Ami

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